Task 5: Comparing and Persuading

This task is made up of THREE parts:

  • Choose an option
  • Preparation time
  • Speaking

Your supervisor at work is planning a summer activity for all staff in the company to join. It will be a fun event that everyone can enjoy. There are two options. Using the pictures and information, choose the option that you prefer. In the next part, you will need to persuade a co-worker that this is the best choice.

If you do not choose an option, the computer will choose one for you. You do not need to speak for this part.
Preparation: 60 seconds

Sailing the Lake
  • three exciting hours sailing around the lake on an old-fashioned boat
  • open buffet all afternoon
  • accommodates up to 50 people
Heritage Cultural Night
  • stroll around the city's heritage area and enjoy authentic food
  • appreciate art and crafts from different cultures
  • enjoy live music performances

*NOTE: This practice test is not recording your response.